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NQT User Guides for Camden Learning

User guides are available for NQT Induction Tutors, NQTs and Headteachers.

Advice for using our online NQT module:

  1. If you are acting as an induction tutor for the first time, your Camden Learning CPD account will need to be update. Email for this change to be made.
  2. NQTs should be registered prior to their induction start date. Review the induction tutor guide or provide the registration information to the person responsible at your school.
  3. Induction tutors, NQTs and Headteachers must complete their own sections for each assessment form by using their individual logins.
  4. The sequence for completing NQT assessment forms must be NQT Induction Tutor/Co-ordinator → NQT → Headteacher.
  5. When uploading assessments we recommend saving your work regularly. Camden Learning CPD online will time out after approximately 25 minutes of inactivity.

MS Word templates are available in the Assessment Dates, Monitoring and Guidance section for preparing your comments before entering the responses onto the assessment form online.

Contact if you have any additional queries we can support you with.