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Phonics embedded in a rich reading curriculum: phases 1, 2 and 3

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Holmes Road
Event Tutors
Leonie Holt / Lucy McDaid
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Target Audience
EYFS Leaders
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Camden Learning - Early Years Foundation Stage 
Who is this event for
This training is school based and offers the opportunity to observe and reflect on a phonics session taught in the classroom.

This course will look at the stages young children go through from early sound discrimination, phonological awareness to phonic understanding. It will help practitioners to gain a greater understanding of phonic terminology and the daily discrete phonics session and will introduce practitioners to progression through phonics phases, support practitioners in using the appropriate materials and building a bank of fun activities and games.
What does this event cover
Participants will develop their confidence, knowledge and understanding of phonics teaching.

The aim of the session:

  • To learn from first-hand experience of observing a phonics session
  • To develop an understanding of phonological awareness
  • To develop an understanding of the teaching expectations of phases 1, 2 and 3
  • To introduce a range of practical activities and resources that will support phonics teaching
Participants will:

  • Observe and reflect on an observed lesson
  • Be more confident in their subject knowledge and planning phonics sessions
  • Learn about ideas and activities to make phonics sessions fun and interactive
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Start Date
Tuesday 15 January 2019
End Date
Tuesday 15 January 2019
Closing Date
Tuesday 15 January 2019
09:00 - 15:15
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