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Joint Primary and Secondary SENDCO Forum

King's Cross Academy, 4 Wollstonecraft Street
Event Tutors
Helen McNulty
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Camden Learning - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 
Who is this event for
SENDCOs in Primary and Secondary Schools.
What does this event cover
These meetings will support SENDCOs, Inclusion managers and deputy SENDCOs in their role.

We will draw on the expertise and skills in Camden schools (emphasising peer support) as well as on specialist services and teams.

We will cover issues such as improving outcomes for pupils with SEND, self-evaluation of SEND provision in schools, statutory requirements e.g. EHC Assessment and Plan, Annual Reviews, SEN funding, identification andassessment, planning, support from specialist services, Independent Support (SENDIASS), Interventions ' e.g. literacy, self-evaluation and improvement planning etc.

We will also be responsive to specific requests from SENDCOs.
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Camden Learning cost
1 block
Non-attendance fee
1 block
Camden Learning Associates cost
Non-attendance fee
Start Date
Wednesday 20 March 2019
End Date
Wednesday 20 March 2019
Closing Date
Wednesday 20 March 2019
09:15 - 12:15
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