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Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street
Event Tutors
Jolyon Morris
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Headteachers / Primary Deputy and Assistant Headteachers / Secondary Deputy and Assistant Headteachers / Senior Leaders
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Camden Learning - Leadership and Management 
Who is this event for
The purpose of this session is to explore and develop our ability to think and lead strategically.

Developing knowledge and skills to think strategically is probably best done in the actual practice of working with others who are thinking together, planning and acting strategically. However, we can look at some of the key elements of strategic thinking processes and understand the common approaches to strategic thinking. We will also look at some of the research on organisations and what it tells us about why strategic thinking is critical. This will also involve looking at our own abilities to think and act strategically.
What does this event cover
We will come at strategic thinking both from conceptual and research perspectives, and also through working with actual issues:

  • Strategic thinking – context
  • What do we mean by strategic thinking?
  • Environmental and organisational scanning
  • How great organisations use strategic thinking – disciplined thought and action
  • Strategic thinking tools
  • Strategic thinking ability – developing this in yourselves
  • Applying strategic thinking to your context
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Start Date
Tuesday 30 April 2019
End Date
Tuesday 30 April 2019
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Tuesday 30 April 2019
09:00 - 14:00
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