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How to Flip (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Gospel Oak Primary School, Mansfield Road
Event Tutors
Nathan Pallas / Clare Reynolds
Admin Contact
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Target Audience
All School Staff
Event Types
Event Category
Camden Learning - Innovation 
Who is this event for
Primary and Secondary teaching staff.
What does this event cover
This programmes aims to share the learning from the Flipped Learning Bursary Project, and how it can be used, not only to support classroom teaching but also as a link between school and parents and parents and children. The session will share examples of tried and tested uses, for example, pre-teaching of maths and grammar concepts, reading a story and correct letter formation through handwriting demonstrations.

The session will explore how to create Flipped Learning content using different technologies e.g. desktop computers and iPads. It will also share how to deliver flipped content to students using VLE/QR/Links
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Non-attendance fee
Start Date
Thursday 26 March 2020
End Date
Thursday 26 March 2020
Closing Date
Thursday 26 March 2020
09:30 - 12:30
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