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Secondary Maths Subject Leaders

Maria Fidelis Catholic School, 34 Phoenix Road
Event Tutors
David Lee
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Camden Learning - Secondary Networks 
Who is this event for
This event is open to secondary school staff.
What does this event cover
We will meet as a group once a term. At each meeting we will:
  • Ensure coordinators are up to date with national development in mathematics, for example, OFSTED guidance, assessment developments and curriculum innovations.
  • Develop skills as a coordinator
  • Share good practice Regular meetings will also enable a building up of networks, open classrooms and expertise sharing to strengthen our schools partnership.
Please note
This session is part of the Secondary Network Package.
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Start Date
Wednesday 12 February 2020
End Date
Wednesday 12 February 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 12 February 2020
14:00 - 16:00
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