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The Reading Project: An Immersive Read (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
Event Tutors
Sarah Lester
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Target Audience
Secondary Teachers
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Camden Learning - Innovation 
Who is this event for
Secondary School teachers and leaders.
What does this event cover
A Reading Project is a fantastic way to engage and enthuse students in the power of stories. This year’s session will have a particular focus on how you could use a reading project to support transition of students coming back from school closures; as well as being excellent for literacy an immersive read can be therapeutic, and good for health and wellbeing. The session also explores how to run a year group Reading Project including: choosing the right book; ideas and principles; getting buy in from staff, students and parents; tailoring CPD for different staff groups and ways to overcome any logistical challenges.
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Start Date
Friday 12 March 2021
End Date
Friday 12 March 2021
Closing Date
Friday 12 March 2021
10:00 - 13:00
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