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Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
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Sue Mannering-Thorne
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Early Years Quality Support & Training Team (
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Early Years Childminders / Early Years Settings
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Early Years Quality Support and Training 
Who is this event for
This session is ideally suited for all staff working with children aged 2-4 years.
What does this event cover
Self-regulation is one of those phrases in early years that is so much easier said than done. In short, self-regulation means having the
ability to choose how we respond. It is believed to be one of the main keys to achieving a fulfilling and successful life. Those of us who are able to manage our own emotional responses and our consequent behaviour, tend to develop successful social friendships and work relationships.

For children, beginning to know how to control those big, overwhelming feelings of frustration, anger or fear and choose how to respond to them, to bounce back from set-backs, to have the give and take it requires to balance their needs with those of their social group, allows them to fully immerse themselves in the important work of play, exploration and learning and to make friends.

It’s vital stuff, which is why it is part of the revised EYFS, however, not one of us has ever got to this place of self-regulation alone. We need our families and educators to co-regulate with us, like emotional and cognitive stabilizers. So, come to this session to begin to think about how you can monitor and develop your co-regulation skills in order to promote the optimum environment in which to foster the beginnings of Self-Regulation in your children.

This session is ideally suited for all staff working with children aged 2-4 years

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Start Date
Thursday 7 October 2021
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Friday 8 October 2021
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Friday 8 October 2021
09:30 - 12:30
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