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Trauma Informed training

Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
Event Tutors
WAVE Trust
Admin Contact
Early Years Quality Support & Training Team (
Contact Person
Early Years Quality Support & Training Team (
Target Audience
Early Years Childminders / Early Years Settings
Event Types
Event Category
Early Years Quality Support and Training 
Who is this event for
For Settings and Childminders working with children aged 0 - 5.

What does this event cover
Typical core modules would cover: 

• Brain development: How our minds develop during the crucial first 1,001 days.
• Attunement and attachment: How infants develop empathy and form bonds.
• Trauma: What it is and the long-term impacts it can have.
• Resilience: How relationships and structure build our emotional strength.
• Trauma-informed approach: How to recognise trauma and respond effectively.
• Self-care and organisational care: The importance of staff well-being.

The content of the day would include, but will not be limited to:

• Introduction to brain development and trauma.
• The importance of attunement and attachment, and how both develop.
• Experiences that can cause trauma.
• Immediate and long-term impact of trauma.
• What trauma does to a child’s (or parent’s) worldview.
• How trauma behaviour looks from the provider’s or parent’s perspective.
• What protective factors are and how they help us to build resilience.
• How to set up trauma-informed care: principles, framework, language.
• Trauma-informed practices in service delivery.
• Successful examples of trauma-informed practice.
• Vicarious trauma and care for staff.
• How services can run in a way that helps infants and parents thrive.

Please note
Early Years Settings cost
Non-attendance fee
Early Years Childminders cost
Non-attendance fee
Start Date
Tuesday 28 September 2021
End Date
Tuesday 28 September 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 28 September 2021
09:00 - 16:00
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