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Introductory session: Race, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Programme (Cancelled)

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Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
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Camden Learning
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Training, Briefing
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Camden Learning - Leadership and Management 
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The taster session provides an insight into the Leadership Programme for Senior Teams. The Programme aims to raise awareness and build knowledge of D&I, biases and implementing changes in real-time. This two-pronged approach ensures maximum impact and value for money. 

Through a mix of group sessions and one to one coaching sessions the programme equips the Senior Team and key stakeholders with a solid understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean, the barriers faced by under-represented groups, different types of bias and how they manifest themselves in behaviours and in systems, such as culture, recruitment and talent management. The programme also explores how staff can manage inclusion in their school, through developing inclusive behaviours and by implementing changes to systems, processes and policies. 

The programme also identifies key areas in the school that have the biggest impact on achieving greater diversity and a more inclusive workplace. Through a deep-dive into these areas the facilitator will help the Senior Team to identify biases that can be eradicated and recommend changes for more inclusive systems, processes and policies. The Programme:

  • Builds knowledge around race, diversity and inclusion, and identifies barriers to inclusion in your school
  • Develops participants’ inclusive leadership styles and how to mitigate against unconscious bias
  • Explores systems and behavioural changes to achiever greater diversity and a more inclusive school
  • Move participants forward with one collective voice, and agreed strategy framework to improve diversity and inclusion at your school.
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Start Date
Thursday 4 November 2021
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Thursday 4 November 2021
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Thursday 4 November 2021
16:00 - 17:30
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