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Supporting the Strengths and Needs of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Pupils in the School Context

Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
Event Tutors
Naila Hirani
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Target Audience
All School Staff
Event Types
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Camden Learning - Health and Wellbeing 
Who is this event for
Primary and Secondary Schools
What does this event cover
An opportunity for staff to discuss and reflect on their role and their work with children and young people. A work discussion group aims to support staff to develop observational skills and deepen their understanding about the meaning of behaviour and the emotional factors that impact on learning and teaching. The hope is that through this learning, different ways of managing pupils’ emotional states and of managing the emotional states pupils’ induce in staff will evolve more naturally and organically.
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Start Date
Thursday 4 November 2021
End Date
Thursday 4 November 2021
Closing Date
Thursday 4 November 2021
15:45 - 16:45
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