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Setting up and using a Workstation for children with SEND - For schools

Harmood Childrens Centre, 1 Forge Place NW1 8DQ
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Early Years Quality Support and Training 
Who is this event for
For all early years practitioners and working with children in Nursery and Reception.

It is expected that the attending staff member at your setting will be involved in:

Setting up and maintaining a workstation for a child with additional needs, particularly those with Autism and Social Communication needs

What does this event cover
This course is for two half-days and has homework tasks in between the two sessions.

• Session 1
Setting up practice activities
how to get children to start, do and complete tasks
how to build skills
how to use the child’s interests
problem solving

• Homework- develop a new task

• Session 2
You will experience what it is like to work in a workstation
Using a workstation in nursery
problem solve the logistics
demonstrate tasks and the work system
share ideas

The course is designed to:
• give you practical strategies for developing individual and personalised tasks for children that meet the child’s needs and extend their learning
• support you to keep records and then analyse them to develop the work with each individual child
• support you with ideas and practical tips for setting up a workstation in your nursery.

Attendees will understand:
• what a workstation is
• how to set a workstation up
• how to develop appropriate tasks
• how to track and monitor a child’s progress
• how to adapt activities
• tips on what to avoid
• tips on how to be successful
Please note
This is a 2 day course and attendance is required at both sessions. There will be a task to complete before returning on day 2

Cost: 72.83
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Non-attendance fee
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Start Date
Tuesday 13 September 2022
End Date
Tuesday 27 September 2022
Closing Date
Tuesday 13 September 2022
09:30 - 11:30
Maximum Places