Management of health & safety responsibilities in schools

Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom
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Darren Williams
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Target Audience
Headteachers / School Bursars / School Business Managers
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Camden Learning - Health and Safety 
Who is this event for
To provide headteachers, business managers, bursars with the knowledge and understanding of the key health and safety risks within schools, responsibilities for managing these and the controls required to manage these health and safety risks sensibly and proportionately.

Intended Audience:

Essential for those with management responsibility for H&S within the school e.g. Headteachers, Business Managers, Bursars, etc.

What does this event cover
Content to be covered:
  • The training aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding health and safety and promote a proportionate and sensible approach to safety in schools
  • Provides an overview of health and safety management within schools and summarises key areas in which management control is particularly important

By the end of this course, delegates will have an understanding of:

  • The legal framework and management responsibilities for H&S
  • A risk based approach to health and safety
  • School responsibilities with regard to statutory
  • Compliance and project work
  • How to monitor your key risks
  • Where to access further information and advice

Learning outcomes:

  • To improve your confidence in managing health & safety within the school.
  • To be able to develop a proportionate system for monitoring health and safety within the school
Please note
No certificate required and refresher course will not be mandatory.
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Start Date
Monday 8 March 2021
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Monday 8 March 2021
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Monday 8 March 2021
09:30 - 11:30
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