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EYFS Leaders Meeting

Starts: Thursday 24 June 2021 - 13:00 - 15:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
High quality Early Years provision makes a difference to children’s life chances and the higher the quality of this provision, the longer its impact can be seen. The effectiveness of EYFS leadership is one of the key drivers of this quality.

The termly EYFS leaders meetings provide a forum for EYFS leaders to meet each other and exchange ideas and information between Camden schools.

Termly meetings will:

  • Support EYFS Leaders to ...
What does this event cover
EYFS leaders will be more effective in their role and up to date with latest development / initiatives. Leaders will have the opportunity to share best practice and informally network with colleagues.
Please note

Lunch and Learn Seminar - Understanding the 'find and compare schools' website (Cancelled)

Starts: Thursday 24 June 2021 - 12:30 - 13:00
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
All staff - all phases
What does this event cover
Understanding the 'find and compare schools' website
Please note

Paediatric First Aid (EYFS) (EVENT FULL)

Starts: Thursday 24 June 2021 - 09:00 - 16:30
Venue : Konstam Nursery, 75 Chester Road, London, N19 5DH map
Who is this event for
For all Early Years practitioners in Settings and Childminders working with children aged 0 - 5.
What does this event cover
This is a 12 hour paediatric first aid course that will take place over two days. (one day face to face and one day via Zoom)  As required by the EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements, settings need to ensure that at least one member of staff with a current first aid certificate is present on the premises or on outings at any one time.

The course will focus on:
- problems of the respiratory system
- problems of the circulatory system
- problems of the nervous system
- miscellaneous problems.

In order to ensure a fair allocation of places, only two places per setting will be given in the first instance, with additional places being
allocated on a first come first served basis.

Important information:

Please bring photo ID, and inform the instructor if you have any serious health/ allergy issues. 

Full attendance is required so candidates should arrive early, lateness can mean exclusion from the course/assessments. Leaving the room during the course to attend to other matters may lead to non-certification.

CPR, Recovery position, and Control of Severe Bleeding assessments require floor work and kneeling, so all candidates should wear loose fitting trousers, and appropriate footwear. Please carry out a personal risk assessment for the practical activities on the course.

Using phones during the course (other than for emergencies) may result in non-certification or being asked to leave the course.

There are 3 breaks during the day. The lunch period is usually 30 minutes. Please make arrangements so you can be in full attendance
Please note

Changes made due to Covid-19

The first day is a practical session for assessment.

The second day is a virtual platform (Zoom).

You will have to take part in both sessions in order to receive your certificate
Please read the full details on what changes have been made to the delivery of this programme due to Covid-19

A full risk assessment has been undertaken to ensure the safety of learners, staff and trainers during this event.
Time slots will be allocated for learners to arrive to limit congestions on arrival.
Temperature checks will be taken on arrival

The number of attendees has been reduced to the maximum of 8 learners
All participants are requested to carry out an individual risk assessment. (This will be emailed at time of booking)
A full induction of 'what to expect of the day' will be given on the morning.
The induction will be a full explanation of events, including:
How each learner will have their own manikin
There will be no shared resources
Social distancing
Breaks (please bring your own bottle of water and your own lunch/snacks)
Adequate supplies of soap, paper hand towels and hand sanitiser will be available.

Please email the if you have any questions

There are 2 sessions between Thursday 24 June 2021 and Friday 25 June 2021

Secondary PSHE Leads Network

Starts: Thursday 24 June 2021 - 16:30 - 17:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
PSHE leads in Secondary schools.
What does this event cover
Get up to date news, information, guidance and training about leading and managing PSHE, planning, the curriculum, high quality teaching and learning, assessing, monitoring and evaluating PSHE and citizenship.

  • Find out about good resources
  • Share ideas with other Leads about the role
Please note

The course will take place online using a digital platform. The login details will be circulated the day before each session is schedule to take place.