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PSHE Dilemmas-online forum to support staff teaching sensitive or controversial issues in PSHE

Starts: Wednesday 9 June 2021 - 16:30 - 17:15
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
PSHE leads in primary and special schools-particularly teachers new to the role and those who would like to further develop their knowledge and skills.
What does this event cover
A two part training that will enable PSHE leads to increase their knowledge and skills to confidently manage and lead PSHE and citizenship in their schools.

The training covers how to:

  • plan and implement high quality teaching and learning
  • plan easy to use curriculum and schemes of work
  • find good resources
  • implement assessment in PSHE
  • monitor and evaluate PSHE
  • meet Ofsted expectations
  • develop policy
  • support staff
Please note
There are two parts to the training, but participants can attend just one or both. Participants will have the opportunity to visit PSHE leads in other schools in between the two training days.

Camden Learning SEND Conference

Starts: Thursday 10 June 2021 - 09:15 - 12:00
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
This annual SEND conference is for all Inclusion Leads, SENDCOs, Teachers and Support Staff.
What does this event cover
Each year we choose a current topic. The keynote speaker shares the latest theory and research followed by workshops on how to put it into practice.
Please note

Early Years Advisory Meeting

Starts: Thursday 10 June 2021 - 14:00 - 15:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
For managers and leaders of Early Years Settings.
What does this event cover
The most recent update to the government guidance Actions for early years and childcare providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (updated 3rd Dec 2020) continues to sate: Wherever possible, settings are encouraged to avoid visitors entering their premises, therefore our early years advisors still have no immediate plans to visits settings.

However, early years advisors are available for support and guidance during their normal working hours and while they are unable to visit settings are continuing to offer their online Advisory Meetings where you can join to have face to face conversations, share ideas and experiences, as well as discuss questions you might have and topics of interest. The topics are up to you – you decide what you would like to discuss. Ideas can be emailed to the training team at and we will publish the topics near the meeting dates.


Please note

How to Flip

Starts: Thursday 10 June 2021 - 12:30 - 15:30
Venue : Gospel Oak Primary School, Mansfield Road, London, NW3 2JB map
Who is this event for
Primary and Secondary teaching staff.
What does this event cover
This programme is particularly relevant during this time of increased home learning. It aims to share the learning from the Flipped Learning Bursary project, and how it can be used, not only to support classroom teaching but also as a link between school and parents and parents and children.

The session will share examples of tried and tested uses for example pre-teaching of maths and grammar concepts, reading a story and correct letter formation through handwriting demonstrations.

The session will explore how to create Flipped Learning content using different technologies e.g. desktop computers and iPads. It will also share how to deliver flipped content to students using VLE/QR/Links.
Please note

Teaching RSE to Years 5 and 6

Starts: Thursday 10 June 2021 - 09:30 - 15:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
Class teachers of Years 5 and 6.
What does this event cover
The training will enable teachers to be confident to teach RSE. By the end of the training teachers will:

  • Know what to teach at Year 5 and 6
  • Have a scheme of work with a range of activities and resources for teaching RSE
  • Have developed skills and confidence for teaching RSE
  • Have strategies for dealing with questions and managing discussions 
  • The training will take account of the new DfE guidance on Relationships Education
Please note

Paediatric First Aid (EYFS) (EVENT FULL)

Starts: Saturday 12 June 2021 - 09:00 - 16:30
Venue : Konstam Nursery, 75 Chester Road, London, N19 5DH map
Who is this event for
For all Early Years practitioners in Settings and Childminders working with children aged 0 - 5.
What does this event cover
This is a 12 hour paediatric first aid course that will take place over two days. (one day face to face and one day via Zoom)  As required by the EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements, settings need to ensure that at least one member of staff with a current first aid certificate is present on the premises or on outings at any one time.

The course will focus on:
- problems of the respiratory system
- problems of the circulatory system
- problems of the nervous system
- miscellaneous problems.

In order to ensure a fair allocation of places, only two places per setting will be given in the first instance, with additional places being
allocated on a first come first served basis.

Important information:

Please bring photo ID, and inform the instructor if you have any serious health/ allergy issues. 

Full attendance is required so candidates should arrive early, lateness can mean exclusion from the course/assessments. Leaving the room during the course to attend to other matters may lead to non-certification.

CPR, Recovery position, and Control of Severe Bleeding assessments require floor work and kneeling, so all candidates should wear loose fitting trousers, and appropriate footwear. Please carry out a personal risk assessment for the practical activities on the course.

Using phones during the course (other than for emergencies) may result in non-certification or being asked to leave the course.

There are 3 breaks during the day. The lunch period is usually 30 minutes. Please make arrangements so you can be in full attendance
Please note

Changes made due to Covid-19

The first day is a practical session for assessment.

The second day is a virtual platform (Zoom).

You will have to take part in both sessions in order to receive your certificate
Please read the full details on what changes have been made to the delivery of this programme due to Covid-19

A full risk assessment has been undertaken to ensure the safety of learners, staff and trainers during this event.
Time slots will be allocated for learners to arrive to limit congestions on arrival.
Temperature checks will be taken on arrival

The number of attendees has been reduced to the maximum of 8 learners
All participants are requested to carry out an individual risk assessment. (This will be emailed at time of booking)
A full induction of 'what to expect of the day' will be given on the morning.
The induction will be a full explanation of events, including:
How each learner will have their own manikin
There will be no shared resources
Social distancing
Breaks (please bring your own bottle of water and your own lunch/snacks)
Adequate supplies of soap, paper hand towels and hand sanitiser will be available.

Please email the if you have any questions

There are 2 sessions between Saturday 12 June 2021 and Saturday 19 June 2021

Transitions Training (EVENT FULL)

Starts: Saturday 12 June 2021 - 09:30 - 12:00
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
For practitioners working in the EYFS
What does this event cover
This short course will look at how we can best support children and parents during transitions and will give us the opportunity to look at what the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is asking of practitioners.

The session will be interactive where you will be able to share ideas, expertise and knowledge.

- To look at best practice for all transitions.
- Explore how practitioners can support children and parents during transitions.
- Look at activities and documents to support transitions.

Please note
Please bring your Early Years Foundation Stage documents.

MFL KS3 Standardisation and Moderation (Cancelled)

Starts: Monday 14 June 2021 - 14:00 - 15:00
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
Heads of subjects and KS3 subject leads attend subject specific sessions.

Building on learners’ strengths achieved in primary school, secondary subject specialists discuss how exemplification of ‘age-expectations’ will aid their assessment of both progress and attainment in KS3. Through discussions around the evidence produced from common tasks, or assessment rubrics, teachers gain confidence in their judgements about progress and attainment. These discussions link t ...
What does this event cover
Annotated exemplification of an agreed end-of-Year 7 standard for each subject.

Meet subject specialists from other schools, share resources, ideas, confirm understanding, raise questions.
Please note
This session is part of the Secondary Moderation Package.

Are you ready for the revised EYFS? An introduction to the changes to the EYFS and implications for your school

Starts: Tuesday 15 June 2021 - 15:45 - 17:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
For all Primary and Secondary School Staff
What does this event cover
During this session we will:
  • Understand the rationale and principles underpinning the revised EYFS
  • Be aware of the  changes to the EYFS Statutory Framework with a focus the educational programmes and early learning goals
  • Explore the use of the new Development Matters non-statutory guidance  
  • Explore how the  changes may impact on  your EYFS practice
Please note

Child Protection Online (3 hours)

Starts: Wednesday 16 June 2021 - 09:30 - 12:30
Venue : Virtual CPD Session, Digital Classroom, Virtual CPD Session map
Who is this event for
For all practitioners working in Settings and Childminders working with children aged 0 - 5, and Committee Members responsible for the EYFS.

What does this event cover

The online session will cover:

  • The signs and symptoms of abuse.
  • Referrals.
  • Allegations and Whistleblowing.
  • Record keeping and sharing information.
Please note

The link to access the training will be circulated the day before the session is scheduled to take place.

Before the training, we recommend the delegates to:

  • To have the correct software on your device to join the virtual session.
  • To join in the virtual session 10 minutes earlier than advertised to allow for any IT issues.
  • Ensure you are in a room away from distractions or interruptions.
  • Ensure no under 18’s are present as we may present or show graphic content due to the nature of the training.
  • Have any present training materials on hand if requested.